Bio Run Half Tight


Fabricated from our revolutionary fabric BioSol Power 37.5, active particles work to keep your body at the optimal 37.5 degrees Celsius. They cool you when you’re hot, and warm you when it’s cold. Powerful compression improves your power output and enhances post workout recovery by protecting your muscles against excessive movement. This garment combines world first technologies in both performance and sustainability.

World leading comfort and performance:

  • Stay cool when things heat up. BioSol Power 37.5 utilises technology from the USA’s Cocona® labs - the fabric that keeps you at 37.5 degrees Celsius, with natural active particles.
  • Performance is in the details. A rear pocket each, for valuables, your phone and gels.
  • Unparalleled durability. Active seams for no chafing, more stretch, and 4x the strength of flatlock.
  • Caring for the planet. Our unique manufacturing process saves 2.5 days worth of average household power usage.

World leading sustainability:

  • Caring for the planet. Manufactured using GRS Certified recycled Nylon yarns from 5 recycled water bottles.
  • Groundbreakingly biodegradable.BioSol yarns biodegrade in years not centuries.
  • Authenticity, transparency and sustainability. Authenticity, transparency and sustainability. Dyed in a bluesign® approved dyeing facility and constructed in a 70% solar-powered environmental and socially audited facility.

Our biodegradable products are as durable and long lasting as conventional synthetic fibres, quantified through extensive research & testing. 

The fibers in our garments only biodegrade when exposed to microbes over long periods of time.


Product Highlights


100% biodegradable fibres.

Heat Adaptive

Keeps you cool when it’s hot, keeps you warm when it’s cold.

Improved Performance

Faster recovery and reduced muscle soreness.

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